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Peeking at the Universe through a Window Deep Underground

Published: 20-Aug-2019

Author: A. Simon

A team of faculty from the University of Notre Dame Nuclear Science Laboratory, Daniel Robertson, Manoel Couder, Anna Simon and Joachim Goerres, led by Michael Wiescher received 4-year support from the NSF to continue measurements at the underground accelerator facility investigating reactions important for the stellar nucleosynthesis processes. The measurements funded within the award will focus on alpha induced reactions important for the understanding of nucleosynthesis in first stars, whose signatures are observed in the spectroscopy observations of extreme carbon-enhanced metal-poor (CEMP) stars. The experiments are also crucial for the understanding of the s-process nucleosynthesis in Red Giant Branch (RGB) and Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) stars with observables ranging from the spectroscopy of planetary nebulae to cosmo-chemistry analysis of meteoritic inclusions. It will provide an improved understanding of the s-process which, next to the r-process, is the main path towards the production of elements with masses above iron.

CASPAR takes part in amazing Neutrino Day

Published: 17-Jul-2019

Author: D. Robertson

CASPAR members from SDSM&T took part in the annual SURF Neutrino Day. This year nearly 1,700 guests took part in the event, with over 250 volunteers. The amazing outreach event enables community interaction and a chance to learn the wide range of scientific and engineering programs supported at the facility. Photo thanks to Matt Kapust.

First reactions measured at CASPAR

Published: 28-Feb-2018

Author: D. Robertson

First stage commisioning experiments have recently wrapped up at CASPAR after a two week experimental campaign. The intial measurements focused on the 27Al(p,γ)28Si and 15N(p,γ)16O reactions for accelerator energy calibration. This was followed by the initial stages of a PhD thesis work associated with the astrophysically important CNO cycle reaction 14N(p,γ)15O.

CASPAR researchers featured in Notre Dame magazine

Published: 19-Oct-2017

Author: D. Robertson

CASPAR researchers Daniel Robertson and Michael Wiescher have been featured in the Autumn 2017 issue of the Notre Dame Magazine written by Dr. Kenneth Garcia '08 about his personal experience of going underground in the Homestake Mine. The online article can be found here.

First beam delivery celebrated at CASPAR ribbon cutting

Published: 07-Aug-2017

Author: D. Robertson

After nearly two years the Compact Accelerator System for Performing Astrophysical Research (CASPAR) reached a huge milestone with the delivery of first beam to target. This marks a significant step in the creation and operation of the first U.S. deep underground accelerator laboratory, and one of only two in the world. Scientists and speical invited guests from the institutions involved were at CASPAR for a celebration and ribbon cutting event.

CASPAR featured in WIRED magazine

Published: 11-Aug-2017

Author: D. Robertson

The Compact Accelerator System for Performing Astrophysical Research (CASPAR) is featured in the science section of WIRED magazine, titled "Buried in a Gold Mine, a Particle Accelerator Searches for Stellar Secrets". Click here to see the full article.

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